Audacity is a free, open source, cross-flatform audio recording and editing software, and quite accessible to popular screen-reader. Audacity has the folowing main features:

  • Cross-flatform: Audacity works on multiple flatform: Windows, Mac, Linux with the similar user interface.
  • There is a portable version - easy to use on USB devices.
  • Multi track recording, useful for recording podcast, or radio show.
  • Record from Sound card (Windows Vista or later), useful for recording favourite radio shows on Internet (streaming audio).
  • Theability to edit audio using hotkeys.
  • The ability to create audio files in some popular format: Wav, AIFF, MP3, WMA...
  • Can be extended feature using plugin.

Audacity is a popular podcast recording and editing for blindpeople, may be because it's free, multi track recording, and easi to use. Beside, Audacity has a team for researching and developing features, write plugins to make it accessible to screen-reader user.

On Windows, Audacity is quite accessible to Jaws, NVDA, and WindowEyes screen-reader. more information can be found at these articles: Audacity for blind users and Audacity Accessibility

For Jaws users, there is a script to make Jaws work better with the program, written by Gary Campbell, Dang Manh Cuong, and other contributors. More information can be found at:

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