Store Help and Sales Policy

How to Order

Please do the following steps to place order of products/services in our online shop:

  1. Register the user account.
  2. Open the Products Catalog link on the main navigation.
  3. Choose the product category and browse available products of that category.
  4. Open the product title link, read details about the product and choose Add to cart button. It will open your shopping cart.
  5. From here, you can either choose continuing shopping, updating cart or proceeding with the checkout.
  6. When choosing with checkout, it will ask you to provide billing/shipping information as well as the payment method. Then, choose Review order button to check again with your order information.
  7. For any changes, you can choose return button. Or, if you are happy with the order, choose submit order to go for the payment step.
  8. If you choose the Cash on delivery payment method, you are all set with your order. Our sales staff will contact you to arrange for the payment. Or, you can go on with the bank transfer payment method with our banking information here. Please, write down your order number in the description for that transfer.
  9. If you choose to pay through PayPal (an international and secured payment gateway), it will open the PayPal website where you can either choose to process the payment through your PayPal account or pay directly with your visa debit/credit card. Please note, the email of the amount receiver will be:


Sales Policy

  • Due to the products in our shop coming from variety of vendors, we will apply the return/change, maintenance and guarantee policies of the associate vendors. Please view the details of the product before placing the order.
  • We make sure that all of our products are from their original brand and clearly state the country origin.
  • Not all of products are available in our stock so customers might receive the products at the latest of 15 working days, counted from the date we receive your full payment. If over the due date, we will take the responsibility to be charged for the interest rate for the total amount of the order (based on the rate of the Asia Commercial Bank). Or, the customer can request to refund the full amount. We will make the refund within two working days since we receive your request.
  • Free technical support and training at Sao Mai Center for the Blind or via Skype.