How to See the British Museum in Four Visits

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            SOUTHERN ZOOLOGICAL ROOM.—Hoofed Animals:—Giraffe;
  Walrus; Rhinoceros; Buffalo; Antelope.

            SOUTHERN ZOOLOGICAL GALLERY.—Hoofed Animals:—Wild Ox;
  Hippopotamus; Elephant; Llama; Bison; Armadillo; Deer.

            MAMMALIA SALOON.—Bears; Monkeys; Cat Tribe; Dog Family;
  Bear Tribe; Mole Tribe; Marsupial Animals; Seal Tribe;

            EASTERN ZOOLOGICAL GALLERY.—Birds of Prey; Perching
  Birds; Scraping Birds; Wading Birds; Web-footed Birds.

            NORTHERN ZOOLOGICAL GALLERY.—Bats; Reptiles; Serpents;
  Tortoises; Crocodiles; Frogs.

            BRITISH ZOOLOGICAL ROOM.—Carnivorous Beasts; Glirine
  Beasts; Hoofed Beasts; Insectivorous Beasts; British
  Reptiles; British Fish.

            NORTHERN ZOOLOGICAL GALLERY—(continued).—Spiny-finned
  Fishes; Soft-finned Fishes; Cartilaginous Fishes;
  Sponges; Shell-fish; The Beetle Tribe; Butterflies and Moths.

             EASTERN ZOOLOGICAL GALLERY.—Star-fish; Sea-eggs; Shells.


            NORTHERN MINERAL AND FOSSIL GALLERY.—Fossil Vegetables;
  Minerals; Fossil Animals; Fossil Fishes; Fossil Mammalia.

            THE EGYPTIAN ROOM.—Human Mummies; Animal Mummies;
  Sepulchral Ornaments; Egyptian Deities; Sacred
  Animals; Household Objects; Tools; Musical Instruments;
  Toys; Textile Fabrics.

             THE BRONZE ROOM.—Greek and Roman Bronzes.

             ETRUSCAN ROOM.—Etruscan Vases

            ETHNOGRAPHICAL ROOM.—Chinese Curiosities; Indian
  Curiosities; African Curiosities; American Curiosities


            EGYPTIAN SALOON.—Egyptian Sculpture; Egyptian
  Coffins; Egyptian Tombstones; Sepulchral Vases;
  Human Statues; Egyptian Sphinxes; Egyptian Frescoes.

             THE LYCIAN ROOM.—Lycian Tombs; Lycian Sculpture.

             THE NIMROUD ROOM.—Assyrian Sculpture.


             Townley Sculpture; Antiquities of Britain.

             PHIGALEIAN SALOON.—Battle with the Amazons.

            ELGIN SALOON.—Elgin Marbles; Metopes of the Parthenon;
  Eastern Frieze; Northern Frieze; Western Frieze;
  Southern Frieze; Eastern Pediment; Western Pediment;
  Temple of the Erectheum; Temple of Theseus;
  Lantern of Demosthenes.


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