Wood-Block Printing A Description of the Craft of Woodcutting and Colour Printing Based on the Japanese Practice

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   CHAPTER I Introduction and Description of the Origins of Wood-block Printing—Its Uses for Personal Artistic Expression, for Reproduction of Decorative Designs, and as a Fundamental Training for Student of Printed Decoration

 CHAPTER II General Description of the Operation of Printing from a Set of Blocks 

 CHAPTER III Description of the Materials and Tools required for Block Cutting

 CHAPTER IV Block Cutting and the Planning of Blocks

 CHAPTER V Preparation of Paper, Ink, Colour, and Paste for Printing

 CHAPTER VI Detailed Method of Printing—The Printing Tools, Baren and Brushes

 CHAPTER VII Principles and Main Considerations in Designing Wood-block Prints—Their Application to Modern Colour Printing

 CHAPTER VIII Co-operative Printing

 APPENDIX Prints and Collotype Plates

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