Catalogue of British Columbia Birds

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The present list is intended to include all birds which have been so far proven to occur in British Columbia.

            I am fully aware of its incompleteness, and very much regret much of its lack of more definite information regarding the distribution of certain species, and with regard to that portion of the Province in north and northeastern interior, which, I have no doubt, is a valuable field for work.

            Since the publication of the list of British Columbia birds in 1898 by the late John Fannin, which contained 339 species and sub-species, and with the information to hand, enables me to add to this 24.

            I wish to extend my thanks especially to the following constant observers for more or less extended local lists, notes and specimens:—A. C. Brooks, Chilliwhack, Okanagan and Cariboo; Rev. J. H. Keen, Queen Charlotte Islands and Metlakatla; Thos. Kermode, William Head Quarantine Station; E. P. Venables, Yernon; Chas. de Blois Green, Fairview and Keremeos.

            I have also obtained valuable information from the check-list published by the late John Fannin.


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