Zoonomia, Vol. I

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I. Of Motion

II. Explanations and Definitions

III. The Motions of the Retina demonstrated by Experiments

 IV. Laws of Animal Causation

 V. Of the four Faculties or Motions of the Sensorium

 VI. Of the four Classes of Fibrous Motions

 VII. Of Irritative Motions

 VIII. Of Sensitive Motions

 IX. Of Voluntary Motions

 X. Of Associate Motions

 XI. Additional Observations on the Sensorial Powers

 XII. Of Stimulus, Sensorial Exertion, and Fibrous Contraction

 XIII. Of Vegetable Animation

 XIV. Of the Production of Ideas

 XV. Of the Classes of Ideas

 XVI. Of Instinct

 XVII. The Catenation of Animal Motions

 XVIII. Of Sleep

 XIX. Of Reverie

 XX. Of Vertigo

 XXI. Of Drunkenness

 XXII. Of Propensity to Motion. Repetition. Imitation

 XXIII. Of the Circulatory System

 XXIV. Of the Secretion of Saliva, and of Tears. And of the Lacrymal Sack

 XXV. Of the Stomach and Intestines

 XXVI. Of the Capillary Glands, and of the Membranes

 XXVII. Of Hemorrhages

 XXVIII. The Paralysis of the Lacteals

 XXIX. The Retrograde Motions of the Absorbent Vessels

 XXX. The Paralysis of the Liver

 XXXI. Of Temperaments

 XXXII. Diseases of Irritation

 XXXIII. —— of Sensation

 XXXIV. —— of Volition

 XXXV. —— of Relation

 XXXVI. The Periods of Diseases

 XXXVII. Of Digestion, Secretion, Nutrition

 XXXVIII. Of the Oxygenation of the Blood in the Lungs and Placenta

 XXXIX. Of Generation. XL. Of Ocular Spectra.

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