The Elements of Blowpipe Analysis

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            These few pages are intended to serve a twofold purpose,—to give the student a general outline of Blowpipe Analysis, and to introduce him to the methods of Determinative Mineralogy.

            Every effort has been made to simplify details so that the book may be used in both High Schools and Colleges.

            Tables for "systematic" examination have been intentionally omitted, for in the author's estimation these tend to dull the student's power of observation, and to make him place little value upon minute details.

            The alphabetic arrangement has been followed for the sake of convenience when referring to the book.

            The last chapter is not intended to serve as a key to determining the minerals therein described, but rather it is added to give the student exercise in Blowpipe Analysis, and at the same time to point out the methods of Determinative Mineralogy.

            Finally, the author would acknowledge his indebtedness to the following works: "Manual of Qualitative Analysis," Fresenius; "Qualitative Chemical Analysis," Venable; Roscoe and Schorlemmer's "Treatise on Chemistry"; Foye's "Hand-Book of Mineralogy"; Dana's "Mineralogy"; Kobell's "Tafeln zur Bestimmung der Mineralien"; etc.

            Frederick Hutton Getman.
 Stamford, Conn.,
 Feb. 22, 1899.

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