McGuffey's First Eclectic Reader, Revised Edition

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            In presenting McGuffeys Revised First Reader to the public, attention is invited to the following features:

            1. Words of only two or three letters are used in the first lessons. Longer and more difficult ones are gradually introduced as the pupil gains aptness in the mastery of words.

            2. A proper gradation has been carefully preserved. All new words are placed at the head of each lesson, to be learned before the lesson is read. Their number in the early lessons is very small, thus making the first steps easy. All words in these vocabularies are used in the text immediately following.

            3. Carefully engraved script exercises are introduced for a double purpose. These should be used to teach the reading of script; and may also serve as copies in slate work.

            4. The illustrations have been designed and engraved specially for the lessons in which they occur. Many of the engravings will serve admirably as the basis for oral lessons in language.

            5. The type is large, strong, and distinct.

            The credit for this revision is almost wholly due to the friends of McGuffeys Readers,—eminent teachers and scholars, who have contributed suggestions and criticisms gained from their daily work in the schoolroom.

            Cincinnati, June, 1879.

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