The Story of Manhattan

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            E-text prepared by Gregory Smith, David Garcia,
 and the Project Gutenberg Online Distributed Proofreading Team




 The Story of Manhattan

 By Charles Hemstreet







 Charles Scribner's Sons














            Here the history of New York City is told as a story, in few words. The effort has been to make it accurate and interesting. The illustrations are largely from old prints and wood engravings. Few dates are used. Instead, a Table of Events has been added which can readily be referred to. The Index to Chapters also gives the years in which the story of each chapter occurs.






 CHAPTER I. The Adventures of Henry Hudson.
 From 1609 to 1612

 CHAPTER II. The First Traders on the Island.
 From 1612 to 1625

 CHAPTER III. Peter Minuit, First of the Dutch Governors.
 From 1626 to 1633

 CHAPTER IV. Walter Van Twiller, Second of the Dutch Governors.
 From 1633 to 1637

 CHAPTER V. William Kieft and the War with the Indians.
 From 1637 to 1647

 CHAPTER VI. Peter Stuyvesant, the Last of the Dutch Governors.
 From 1647 to 1664

 CHAPTER VII. New York Under the English and the Dutch.
 From 1664 to 1674

 CHAPTER VIII. Something About the Bolting Act.
 From 1674 to 1688

 CHAPTER IX. The Stirring Times of Jacob Leisler.
 From 1688 to 1691

 CHAPTER X. The Sad End of Jacob Leisler.
 The Year 1691

 CHAPTER XI. Governor Fletcher and the Privateers.
 From 1692 to 1696

 CHAPTER XII. Containing the True Life of Captain Kidd.
 From 1696 to 1702

 CHAPTER XIII. Lord Cornbury makes Himself very Unpopular.
 From 1702 to 1708

 CHAPTER XIV. Lord Lovelace and Robert Hunter.
 From 1708 to 1720

 CHAPTER XV. Governor Burnet and the French Traders.
 From 1720 to 1732

 CHAPTER XVI. The Trial of Zenger, the Printer.
 From 1732 to 1736

 CHAPTER XVII. Concerning the Negro Plot.
 From 1736 to 1743

 CHAPTER XVIII. The Tragic Death of Sir Danvers Osborne.
 From 1743 to 1753

 CHAPTER XIX. The Beginning of Discontent.
 From 1753 to 1763

 CHAPTER XX. The Story of the Stamp Act.
 From 1763 to 1765

 CHAPTER XXI. The Beginning of Revolution.
 From 1765 to 1770

 CHAPTER XXII. Fighting the Tax on Tea.
 From 1770 to 1774

 CHAPTER XXIII. The Sons of Liberty at Turtle Bay.
 From 1774 to 1775

 CHAPTER XXIV. The War of the Revolution.
 In the Year 1775

 CHAPTER XXV. A Battle on Long Island.
 The Year 1776

 CHAPTER XXVI. The British Occupy New York.
 The Year 1776 (Continued)

 CHAPTER XXVII. The Battle of Harlem Heights.
 The Year 1776 (Continued)

 CHAPTER XXVIII. The British Fail to Sweep Everything Before Them.
 From 1776 to 1777

 CHAPTER XXIX. New York a Prison House.
 From 1777 to 1783

 CHAPTER XXX. After the War.
 From 1783 to 1788

 CHAPTER XXXI. The First President of the United States.
 The Year 1788

 CHAPTER XXXII. The Welcome to George Washington.
 The Year 1789

 CHAPTER XXXIII. Concerning the Tammany Society and Burr's Bank.
 From 1789 to 1800

 CHAPTER XXXIV. More about Hamilton and Burr.
 From 1801 to 1804

 CHAPTER XXXV. Robert Fulton Builds a Steam-Boat.
 From 1805 to 1807

 CHAPTER XXXVI. The City Plan.
 From 1807 to 1814

 CHAPTER XXXVII. The Story of the Erie Canal.
 From 1814 to 1825

 CHAPTER XXXVIII. The Building of the Croton Aqueduct.
 From 1825 to 1845

 CHAPTER XXXIX. Professor Morse and the Telegraph.
 From 1845 to 1878

 CHAPTER XL. The Greater New York.
 To the Present Time



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