Washington and his Comrades in Arms A Chronicle of the War of Independence

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Produced by Dianne Bean, The James J. Kelly Library Of St.
Gregory's University; Alev Akman, David Widger, and Robert J. Homa


  Washington and His Comrades in Arms

 By George M. Wrong


 A Chronicle of the War of Independence

            Volume 12 of the
 Chronicles of America Series
 Allen Johnson, Editor
 Assistant Editors
 Gerhard R. Lomer
 Charles W. Jefferys

            Abraham Lincoln Edition


            New Haven: Yale University Press
 Toronto: Glasgow, Brook & Co.
 London: Humphrey Milford
 Oxford University Press


            Copyright, 1921
 by Yale University Press



 Prefatory Note



            The author is aware of a certain audacity in undertaking, himself a Briton, to appear in a company of American writers on American history and above all to write on the subject of Washington. If excuse is needed it is to be found in the special interest of the career of Washington to a citizen of the British Commonwealth of Nations at the present time and in the urgency with which the editor and publishers declared that such an interpretation would not be unwelcome to Americans and pressed upon the author a task for which he doubted his own qualifications. To the editor he owes thanks for wise criticism. He is also indebted to Mr. Worthington Chauncey Ford, of the Massachusetts Historical Society, a great authority on Washington, who has kindly read the proofs and given helpful comments. Needless to say the author alone is responsible for opinions in the book.

 University of Toronto,
 June 15, 1920.           





            Washington and his Comrades in Arms


 Chapter Chapter Title Page  Prefatory Note vii I. The Commander-In-Chief 1 II. Boston and Quebec 27 III. Independence 54 IV. The Loss of New York 81 V. The Loss of Philadelphia 108 VI. The First Great British Disaster 123 VII. Washington and his Comrades at Valley Forge 148 VIII. The Alliance with France and its Results 182 IX. The War in the South 211 X. France to the Rescue 230 XI. Yorktown 247 Bibliographical Note 277 Index 283     

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