Briefless Ballads and Legal Lyrics Second Series

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Justinian at Windermere

 A Vision of Legal Shadows

 The Squire's Daughter

 Her Letter in Chambers

 Law and Poetry


 Roman Law


 A Garden Party in the Temple

 The Spinning-House of the Future

 How we found our Verdict

 A Greek Libel

 Le Temps Passé

 Lawn Tennis in the Temple Gardens

 A Ballade of Lost Law

 Comœdia Juris

 Cases— Mylward v. Weldon

 Hampden v. Walsh

 Willis v. The Bishop of Oxford

 Dashwood v. Jermyn 66 Ex Parte Jones

 Finlay v. Chirney

 Pollard v. Photographic Company

 The Minneapolis Case

Commonwealth v. Marzynski

 Translations— Greek Anthology


 Cino da Pistoia

 Pedro Lopez de Ayala



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