Folk-Lore and Legends: North American Indian

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 The Girl who Married the Pine-tree

A Legend of Manabozho


The Discovery of the Upper World

The Boy who Snared the Sun

The Maid in the Box

The Spirits and the Lovers

The Wonderful Rod

The Funeral Fire

The Legend of O-na-wut-a-qut-o

Manabozho in the Fish’s Stomach

The Sun and the Moon

The Snail and the Beaver

The Strange Guests

Manabozho and his Toe

The Girl who Became a Bird

The Undying Head

The Old Chippeway

Mukumik! Mukumik! Mukumik!

The Swing by the Lake

The Fire Plume

The Journey to the Island of Souls

Machinitou, the Evil Spirit

The Woman of Stone

The Maiden who Loved a Fish

The Lone Lightning



The Evil Maker

Manabozho the Wolf

The Man-fish

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