The Indian Fairy Book From the Original Legends

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I.—The Celestial Sisters

 II.—The Boy who Set a Snare for the Sun

 III.—Strong Desire and the Red Sorcerer

IV.—The Wonderful Exploits of Grasshopper

 V.—The Two Jeebi

 VI.—Osseo, the Son of the Evening Star

 VII.—Gray Eagle and his Five Brothers

 VIII.—The Toad-Woman

 IX.—The Origin of the Robin

 X.—White Feather and the Six Giants

 XI.—Sheem, the Forsaken Boy

 XII.—The Magic Bundle

 XIII.—The Red Swan

 XIV.—The Man with his Leg Tied Up

 XV.—The Little Spirit or Boy-Man

 XVI.—The Enchanted Moccasins

 XVII.—He of the Little Shell

 XVIII.—Manabozho, the Mischief-Maker

 XIX.—Leelinau, the Lost Daughter

 XX.—The Winter Spirit and his Visitor

 XXI.—the Fire-Plume

 XXII.—Weendigoes and the Bone-Dwarf

 XXIII.—The Bird Lover

 XXIV.—Bokwewa the Humpback

 XXV.—The Crane that Crossed the River

 XXVI.—Wunzh, the Father of Indian Corn  

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