Uncle Remus

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  I. Uncle Remus initiates the Little Boy
 II. The Wonderful Tar-Baby Story
 III. Why Mr. Possum loves Peace
 IV. How Mr. Rabbit was too sharp for Mr. Fox
 V. The Story of the Deluge, and how it came about
 VI. Mr. Rabbit grossly deceives Mr. Fox
 VII. Mr. Fox is again victimized
 VIII. Mr. Fox is "outdone" by Mr. Buzzard
 IX. Miss Cow falls a Victim to Mr. Rabbit
 X. Mr. Terrapin appears upon the Scene
 XI. Mr. Wolf makes a Failure
 XII. Mr. Fox tackles Old Man Tarrypin
 XIII. The Awful Fate of Mr. Wolf
 XIV. Mr. Fox and the Deceitful Frogs
 XV. Mr. Fox goes a-hunting, but Mr. Rabbit bags the Game
 XVI. Old Mr. Rabbit, he's a Good Fisherman
 XVII. Mr. Rabbit nibbles up the Butter
 XVIII. Mr. Rabbit finds his Match at last
 XIX. The Fate of Mr. Jack Sparrow
 XX. How Mr. Rabbit saved his Meat
 XXI. Mr. Rabbit meets his Match again
 XXII. A Story about the Little Rabbits
 XXIII. Mr. Rabbit and Mr. Bear
 XXIV. Mr. Bear catches Old Mr. Bull-Frog
 XXV. How Mr. Rabbit lost his Fine Bushy Tail
 XXVI. Mr. Terrapin shows his Strength
 XXVII Why Mr. Possum has no Hair on his Tail
 XXVIII. The End of Mr. Bear
 XXIX. Mr. Fox gets into Serious Business
 XXX. How Mr. Rabbit succeeded in raising a Dust.
 XXXI. A Plantation Witch
 XXXII. "Jacky-my-Lantern"
 XXXIII. Why the Negro is Black
 XXXIV. The Sad Fate of Mr. Fox

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