Cyclopedia of Telephony and Telegraphy, Vol. 2

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            CHAPTER XXII—Common-Battery Switchboards—Line Signals—Cord Circuit—Lamps—Mechanical Signals—Relays—Jacks—Switchboard Assembly

            CHAPTER XXIII—Transfer Switchboard—Transfer Lines—Handling Transfers

            CHAPTER XXIV—Multiple Switchboard—Busy Test—Influence of Traffic

            CHAPTER XXV—Magneto-Multiple Switchboard—Multiple Boards: Series, Branch-Terminal, Modern Magneto, Common-Battery

            CHAPTER XXVI—Western Electric No. 1 Relay Board—Western Electric No. 10 Board—Types of Multiple Boards—Apparatus

            CHAPTER XXVII—Trunking—Western Electric and Kellogg Trunk Circuits

            Automatic Systems By K. B. Miller and S. G. McMeen 

            CHAPTER XXVIII—Automatic vs. Manual—Operation

            CHAPTER XXIX—Selecting Switch—Line Switch—Trunking Systems—Two- and Three-Wire Systems—Subscriber's Station Apparatus—First and Second Selector Operation—Connector—Release after Conversation—Multi-Office System—Automatic Sub-Offices—Rotary Connector—Party Lines—Two-Wire Automatic System

            CHAPTER XXX—Lorimer System—Central-Office Apparatus—Operation

            CHAPTER XXXI—Automanual System—Operation—Subscriber's Apparatus—Operator's Equipment—Switching Equipment—Distribution of Calls—Connection—Speed

            Power Plants and Buildings By K. B. Miller and S. G. McMeen 

            CHAPTER XXXII—Currents Employed—Types—Operator's Transmitter Supply—Ringing-Current Supply—Auxiliary Signaling Current—Primary Sources—Duplicate Apparatus—Storage Batteries—Power Switchboards—Circuits

            CHAPTER XXXIII—Central-Office Building—Arrangement of Apparatus—Manual Offices—Automatic Offices

            Special Service Features By K. B. Miller and S. G. McMeen 

            CHAPTER XXXIV—Private-Branch Exchanges—Switchboards—Supervision—With Automatic Offices—Battery Supply—Ringing Current

            CHAPTER XXXV—Inter-Communicating Systems—Magneto System—Common-Battery Systems—Types

            CHAPTER XXXVI—Long-Distance Switching—Operator's Orders—Trunking—Way Stations

            CHAPTER XXXVII—Traffic

            CHAPTER XXXVIII—Measured Service—Charging—Rates—Toll Service—Local Service

            Telegraph and Railway Work By K. B. Miller and S. G. McMeen 

            CHAPTER XXXIX—Phantom, Simplex, and Composite Circuits—Ringing—Railway Composite

            CHAPTER XL—Telephone Train Dispatching—Railroad Conditions—Transmitting Orders—Apparatus—Telephone Equipment—Types of Circuits—Test Boards—Blocking Sets—Dispatching on Electric Railways

            Review Questions 


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