Facts About Champagne and Other Sparkling Wines

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  I.        The Origin of Champagne.

  II.      The Vintage in the Champagne. The Vineyards of the River.

  III.     The Vineyards of the Mountain.

  IV.     The Vines of the Champagne and the System of Cultivation.

  V.      Preparation of Champagne.

  VI.     The Reims Champagne Establishments.

  VII.  The Reims Establishments (continued).

  VIII.              The Reims Establishments (continued).

  IX.     The Reims Establishments (concluded).

  X.      Epernay Champagne Establishments.

  XI.     Champagne Establishments at Ay and Mareuil.

  XII.  Champagne Establishments at Atize and Rilly.

  XIII.              Sparkling Saumur and Sparkling Sauternes.

  XIV.              The Sparkling Wines Of Burgundy and the Jura.

  XV.  The Sparkling Wines of the South of France.

  XVI.              The Sparkling Wines of Germany.

  XVII.            The Sparkling Wines of Germany (continued).

  XVIII.           The Sparkling Wines of Austro-Hungary, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Russia, &c.

  XIX.              The Sparkling Wines of the United States.

  XX.  Concluding Facts and Hints.

            Statistical Table, 1844-1878

            Recipes for Wine Cups

            The Principal Sparkling Wine Brands

            THIS little book scarcely needs a preface, as it speaks sufficiently for itself. It is for the most part the result of studies on the spot of everything of interest connected with the various sparkling wines which it professes to describe. Neither pains nor expense have been spared to render it both accurate and complete, and the large number of authentic engravings with which it is illustrated will conduce, it is hoped, to its value.

 Uniform with the present work and the Author’s “Facts About Sherry,”

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