Glue, Gelatine, Animal Charcoal, Phosphorous, Cements, Pastes and Mucilages

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The first edition of this work has been out of print for some years, but nevertheless there is a constant demand for it, and this together with the fact that frequent inquiries are received for information in this department of industry, are the inducements which have led to the preparation of the present treatise.

            The book is arranged in two parts, Part I. comprising Glue, Gelatine and Allied Products, and Part II. Cements, Pastes and Mucilages, and it is fully illustrated with engravings of various types of apparatus.

            Since the appearance of the first edition much progress has been made in the manufacture of glue and allied products. Old and wasteful methods of working have been replaced by more approved processes, and in the present volume it has been endeavored to place before those interested in these industries, a practical and comprehensive account of modern methods of operation.

            In order adequately to represent this advancement and development, the best authorities have been freely consulted and drawn upon, special acknowledgments being due to the following works: “Bone Products and Manures,” by Thomas Lambert, and “Glue and Glue Testing,” by Samuel Rideal.

            As the demand for phosphorus is steadily increasing, and the manufacture of this product from bones and bone-ash forms an important branch of the utilization of bones, it has been deemed advisable to devote a chapter to this subject.

            The receipts for cements, pastes, and mucilages given in Part II. have been gathered from numerous sources. They have been critically examined, and are offered, with the full conviction, that they will not be found wanting in efficacy.

            The Table of Contents and Index have both been carefully prepared, and being very full, will make reference to any subject in the volume easy and satisfactory.

            W. T. B.

            Philadelphia, Pa., August 10, 1905

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