Golden Stars in Tatting and Crochet

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The following Designs are formed by a very simple combination of Tatting and Crochet, the more elaborate style of both Works being avoided, so that any Lady with a knowledge of the first rules of each Art will be able to accomplish the patterns without the least difficulty, the Stars and Diamonds being made in Tatting and afterwards worked round with loops of chain Crochet.

            The numerous purposes to which the work can be applied far exceed the limits of this Book, as it admits of being made in every material. The Stars have a good effect for spotting and trimming Dresses, and, when worked in black or white Silk, are suitable for Cloak and Bonnet Trimmings. For Antimacassars and Doyleys, white and colored Cotton can be substituted for the Gold and Wool; most of the Designs are adapted for Church Needlework.

            The Gold Tatting Twine can be obtained in two qualities; the least expensive should be used for Doyleys and Antimacassars, but for Church Needlework, or Collars and Sleeves, the better make is most suited.

            The new Tatting Silk is a substitute for the Gold, and is made in two sizes, No. 1 being the coarser.

            In these Designs the knots should be made on the right side of the work, the reverse side having the best effect.

            "To Commence," in Crochet—Put the needle into a stitch or pearl loop, and, leaving an end, bring the wool through in a loop.

            "To Join," in Crochet—Take the needle out of the loop, put it into the stitch to be joined, and bring the loop through this stitch, always joining to the centre of a loop of chain.

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