How Two Boys Made Their Own Electrical Apparatus Containing Complete Directions for Making All Kinds of Simple Apparatus for the Study of Elementary Electricity

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I. Cells and Batteries

 II. Battery Fluids and Solutions

 III. Miscellaneous Apparatus and Methods of Construction

 IV. Switches and Cut-Outs

 V. Binding-Posts and Connectors

 VI. Permanent Magnets

 VII. Magnetic Needles and Compasses

 VIII. Yokes and Armatures

 IX. Electro-Magnets

 X. Wire-Winding Apparatus

 XI. Induction Coils and Their Attachments

 XII. Contact Breakers and Current Interrupters

 XIII. Current Detectors and Galvanometers

 XIV. Telegraph Keys and Sounders

 XV. Electric Bells and Buzzers

 XVI. Commutators and Current Reversers

XVII. Resistance Coils

 XVIII. Apparatus for Static Electricity

 XIX. Electric Motors

 XX. Odds and Ends

 XXI. Tools and Materials

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