The Ladies' Work-Book Containing Instructions In Knitting, Crochet, Point-Lace, etc.

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            Casting on with one needle

            To cast on with two needles

            Plain knitting

            The German manner


            To make a stitch

            To take up stitches

            To knit two pieces together

            To form a round

            To cast off

            Infant's shoe in knitting

            The tulip-wreath flower-vase mat

            A woven parasol



            Netted anti-macassar

            Bound couverette for an easy chair or sofa

            Floral anti-macassar

            Ottoman cover

            Music-stool couverette

            Chair cushion

            Toilet-cover in crochet

            Star-pattern d'oyley

            Crochet d'oyley

            Rose d'oyley

            Toilet cover

            Tidy in square crochet

            Arabesque toilet cover in square crochet

            Cover for a Hadrot lamp

            Lamp mat

            Candle-lamp mat


            Crochet counterpane for a bassinet

            Deep border for bassinet quilt

            Crochet stripe for bed-quilt

            Centre stripe for bed-quilt

            Handkerchief case, for hanging to the head of a bed


            Toilet sachet

            lady's nightcap

            A shaving tidy

            Oval tidy for easy chair

            Crochet window-curtain


            Window-curtain and stove apron

            Netted window-curtain



            A spangled wool netted cover for a tea-poy, square work-table, or if drawn together at the top, makes a glittering fire-veil

            Netted anti-macassar

            Short purse, in netting

            Bridal purse, in crochet

            Lady's short purse

            Handsome purse

            Mousquetaire crochet collar

            Raised rose crochet collar

            Point collar

            Point collar, in crochet

            Lounging-cap, in crochet

            Crochet edgings and insertions


            Brussels edging

            Venetian bars

            Edging Venetian bars

            Sorrento bars


            Open English lace

            Brabant edging

            Lyons point

            Brussels lace

            Little Venetian lace

            Deep point-lace edging

            Collar in Spanish rose point

            Handkerchief border, in antique point lace

            Apron in broderie en lacet

            Pincushion cover in point lace


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