The Migrations of an American Boat Type

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The New Haven sharpie, a flat-bottomed sailing skiff, was
 originally developed for oyster fishing, about the middle of the
 last century.
 Very economical to build, easy to handle, maneuverable, fast and
 seaworthy, the type was soon adapted for fishing along the eastern
 and southeastern coasts of the United States and in other areas.
 Later, because of its speed, the sharpie became popular for racing
 and yachting.
 This study of the sharpie type—its origin, development and
 spread—and the plans and descriptions of various regional types
 here presented, grew out of research to provide models for the hall
 of marine transportation in the Smithsonian's new Museum of History
 and Technology.
 THE AUTHOR: Howard I. Chapelle is curator of transportation in the
 U.S. National Museum, Smithsonian Institution.

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