Paper-Cutting Machines A Primer of Information about Paper and Card Trimmers, Hand-Lever Cutters, Power Cutters and Other Automatic Machines for Cutting Paper

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            Evolution of the Paper-Cutting Machine

            Description of Typical Machines

            The Knife

            Grinding Paper-Cutter Knives

            Honing Paper-Cutter Knives

            The Clamping Pressure

            Cutting Sticks

            The Back Gage

            Power Back Gage Movement

            Special Devices

            Application of Power

            Care of the Machine

            Operating the Machine

            Safety of the Knife

            Handling Paper

            To Cut a Pile into Strips of Equal Width

            To Cut a Pile Rectangular

            To Square a Pile

            To Cut Unusual Shapes

            Trimming Books

            Paper Cuttings and Waste

            Depreciation of a Paper-Cutting Machine

            Review Questions

            Glossary of Terms Used

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