Radio Shack TRS-80 Expansion Interface: Operator's Manual Catalog Numbers: 26-1140, 26-1141, 26-1142

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            The TRS-80 Expansion Interface (see Figure 1) consists of the Case, a DC Power Supply, a Ribbon Cable, a Cassette Recorder Jumper Cable and an additional Cassette Recorder Cable for Cassette Recorder number 2. Notice that the DC Power Supply is not installed in the Case upon receipt. It must be installed using the procedures under the heading "SETTING UP" and as illustrated in Figure 2.

            The Case houses the Expansion Interface Printed Circuit Board (PCB), two DC Power Supplies and provides a housing area for an additional expansion PCB. The Expansion Interface utilizes a real-time clock and contains sockets for the addition of up to 32K of RAM in 16K increments.

            One DC Power Supply provides power to the PCB. The other one supplies power to the TRS-80. The Power Supplies are interchangeable.

            The ribbon cable has 40-pin connectors on both ends and is used to connect the Expansion Interface to the TRS-80. You received hoods for these connectors which are covered later in this manual.

            The Cassette Recorder Jumper Cable has 5-pin audio DIN connectors on both ends. It connects between the Expansion Interface Tape input/output (I/O) and the TAPE connector on the right rear of the TRS-80 Microcomputer.

            The Cassette Recorder Cable is provided to connect the Expansion Interface to Cassette Recorder number 2.

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