Scamping Tricks and Odd Knowledge Occasionally Practised upon Public Works

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 CHAPTER I. Introduction

 CHAPTER II. Screw Piles‌—‌General Consideration‌—‌Manipulation for "extra profit"

CHAPTER III. Screw Piles‌—‌Details

 CHAPTER IV. Iron Piles‌—‌Arrangement‌—‌Driving‌—‌Sinking by Water-jet

 CHAPTER V. Timber Piles‌—‌Pile-driving‌—‌General Consideration

 CHAPTER VI. Timber Piles‌—‌Manipulation for "extra" profit

 CHAPTER VII. Masonry Bridges


 CHAPTER IX. Cylinder Bridge Piers

 CHAPTER X. Drain Pipes‌—‌Blasting, and Powder-carriage

 CHAPTER XI. Concrete‌—‌Puddle

 CHAPTER XII. Brickwork‌—‌Tidal Warnings‌—‌Pipe joints‌—‌Dredging

 CHAPTER XIII. Permanent Way

 CHAPTER XIV. "Extra" Measurements‌—‌Toad-stool Contractors‌—‌Testimonials

 CHAPTER XV. Men and Wages‌—‌"Sub" from the Wood‌—‌A Sub-contractor's Scout and Free Traveller

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