The Story of Porcelain

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 I. Into the Woods

 II. Mr. Croyden Keeps His Promise

 III. Theo Meets with a Calamity

 IV. Mr. Croyden's Story

 V. The Potter Who Burned His Chairs

 VI. From Vases to Drain-Pipes

 VII. Porcelain at Last

 VIII. The Third Famous Potter

 IX. The Romance of French China-Making

 X. How the Italians Made China

 XI. Our English Cousins

 XII. Theo Makes a Present

 XIII. The Trenton Visit

 XIV. The Beginning of the Porcelain Pilgrimage 

 XV. How Porcelain is Made

 XVI. Dishes, Dishes Everywhere!

 XVII. The Decoration of China

 XVIII. Theo's Great Choice     

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