Cluthe's Advice to the Ruptured

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One of the World's Most Terrible Burdens

Our Forty Years of Experience

Rupture Always Brought On by Weakness

How to Overcome the Weakness Which Causes Rupture

How Your Rupture is Kept from Coming Out

The Care and Attention We Give You

Able to Work While Being Cured

Don't Let Yourself be Scared into Risking an Operation

Why Ordinary Trusses Do More Harm Than Good

Law Should Stop the Sale of Drug-Store Trusses

Physicians Advise Cluthe Truss Instead of Operation

Ruptured People Swindled Out of Thousands of Dollars

What We Have Done for Over 290,000 Others

Costs More to Do Without it Than to Get it

The Special Advice You Get in Connection with the Cluthe Truss

Forms and Conditions of Rupture

Let Us Send You a Cluthe Truss on 60 Days' Trial

See How Little it Costs to Get Relief

Don't Let Yourself Keep on Getting Worse

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