The Famous Missions of California

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  I.    Of Junipero Serra, and the proposed settlement of Alta California.
  II.   How Father Junipero came to San Diego.
  III.  Of the founding of the Mission at San Diego.
  IV.   Of Portola's quest for the harbour of Monterey, and the founding
            of the Mission of San Carlos.
  V.    How Father Junipero established the Missions of San Antonio de
            Padua, San Gabriel, and San Louis Obispo.
  VI.   Of the tragedy at San Diego, and the founding of the Missions of
            San Juan Capistrano, San Francisco, and Santa Clara.
  VII.  Of the establishment of the Mission of San Buenaventura, and of
            the death and character of Father Junipero.
  VIII. How the Missions of Santa Barbara, La Purisima Concepcion, Santa
            Cruz, Soledad, San Jose, San Juan Bautista, San Miguel, San
            Fernando, San Luis Rey, and Santa lnez, were added to the list.
  IX.   Of the founding of the Missions of San Rafael and San Francisco
  X.    Of the downfall of the Missions of California.
  XI.   Of the old Missions, and life in them.
  XII.  Of the Mission system in California, and its results.

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