Error when typing Vietnamese using UniKey, and the solution to solve

Posted on Thu, 11/23/2017 - 21:20
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Dear reader!
While use the Vietnamese keyboard named UniKey, I have some problem with that, and here are the solutions I did to solve it.

I want to talk about an important error. That is, I can't turn on / off the Vietnamese input method, or I can't switch to English input method when using UniKey. UniKey user should know that the key for switching method are Ctrl+Shift or Alt+Z. In some case, such as use this with Lingoes dictionary, the key Alt+Z will be inactive because of duplicate key commands. However, sometimes I see that UniKey has errors cause both of those hot keys are inactive. In case you don't use Lingoes dictionary, problem could be solved by turning off UniKey, then delete its key in Registry in the following path:


Now run UniKey again and make all settings from the start.
In case you're using Lingoes Dictionary, or don't have any experience with Registry, you should consider choosing other solution because Lingoes has duplicate key commands. For the registry, if you don't have experience about it, you may do harmful your computer. So, I recommend a solution with the following steps:

  • Press Windows+B to go to the System Tray
  • Press up / down arrow keys until you find the icon named

    Click to turn off Vietnamese mode


Click to turn on Vietnamese mode

If you hear Click to turn off... that's mean the Vietnamese input is on, click to turn on... this mode is off.
Press spacebar to toggle these modes.

This will solve the problem you have when use UniKey. Although it could take more time, but it would bring the better result for your work.
Let's Enjoy

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