Sending Same Content Text Message to Multiple People on iPhone

Posted on Sun, 05/14/2017 - 00:00
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Below are few steps to guide you how to compose a message group and send to multiple people on iPhone at the same time. For instance, you want to send a new year greetings to your friends at the time of new year eve.


1. Open Settings, perform 1-finger slide right to Messages and then continue to the right to turn off the MMS option if it’s on.


2. Please note, depending on your Mobil network service provider, they may charge you per message. For instance, they can charge you 100 text messages as sending out to 100 people.


3. Open text messaging app and choose Compose. Here, you can find two edit fields, “To” and “Text message”. “To” is the field where you can enter directly the recipients’ phone number or choose Add button to select from the contact list. Note, if you enter directly the phone numbers, they must be separated by commas. Continue until you finish adding the list of recipients.


4. Now, you are ready to write the greeting words to your list friend list by sliding right to the “Text Message” field. Complete the message content, then slide right, find and activate the Send button.

Good luck with this tip!

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