Settings for safe and optimal Windows (Part II)

Posted on Wed, 11/22/2017 - 23:57
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Always update the latest programs

No need to talk more about updating to the latest programs. Microsoft updates their Windows, driver and anti-virus programs day by day. besides, you cannot use new versions of some program, such as Jaws without updating to the latest Windows component such as .net framework.

  1. Make sure you didn't turn off Automatic update service. In the search box, type this keyword and press Enter:


  2. Tab to the right pane, navigate to this service and press enter:

    Windows update

  3. Tab to the Startup type combo box, choose the first option if you want to update automatically, and choose the third if you want to choose which component to update.
  4. Press enter to save and exit the dialog. Now you can close the services windows.

Talk more: in the Windows services, we can disable one or more services if we don't need, such as fax, telephony You can also make some advance settings by typing this in the search box:

Windows update settings

Moving the data folder

By default, folders such as download, documents... usually locates at: c:\user\"UserAccountName"
with "UserAccountName" your current user account name.
in case we need to re install, or restore Windows from a ghost image, these folders will be lost, so we need to move it to another drive such as d:.

  1. Open Properties of the folder you want to move
  2. Press Control + Tab to the Location tab

  3. Find and activate the Move ... button

  4. A dialog open, type the whole location of the place you want to move the folder, or press Shift + Tab and browse the folder you'd like.
    Now, press the Select Folder button
    Press OK, and Yes button


We don't talk about hardware right now. if you make all the steps above, can you make sure your computer will be run safely? I think you've got your answer, so I recommend one more solution.

1. Backup and restore Windows using OneKey Ghost

There is an article in Sao Mai AccessTech issue 25. Read this (Vietnamese) here. Here is my thought about this:

  • Works in Windows: this is and Advantages, but also disadvantages we couldn't do restoration if we can't log on to Windows.
  • It takes about 10 to 30 minutes to backup or restore Windows.
  • There is some limitation that you can see if use this program and compare to other one.

2. Win PE + NVDA

There is also an article about this in Sao Mai AccessTeh issue 28. Read (Vietnamese) here. This can be used to restore ghost image, even install Windows from the start. However:

  • Not all machine can be used this
  • It takes more times to learn and use (learn how to use this tool, configuring Windows after installing...)

3. Rollback 10.7

There is also an article in Sao Mai AccessTech issue 49. Read (Vietnamese) here. Compare to the above solutions

  • Small image file size so we could create a lot of images, create images very fast, and without restarting Windows
  • Recover lost file without restoring image
  • Not worry about viruses. Restore Windows just in a minute, even we can't log on into it!

These just my own thought. Let's choose things you think best for yourself

Will be continuing

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