What's new in NVDA 2018.1

Below are new features in NVDA 2018.1, released March, 2018. This is a part in NVDA's documentation.

Highlights of this release include support for charts in Microsoft word and PowerPoint, support for new braille displays including Eurobraille and the Optelec protocol converter, improved support for Hims and Optelec braille displays, performance improvements for Mozilla Firefox 58 and higher, and much more.

New Features

  • It is now possible to interact with charts in Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint, similar to the existing support for charts in Microsoft Excel.
    • In Microsoft Word: When in browse mode, cursor to an embedded chart and press enter to interact with it.
    • In Microsoft PowerPoint when editing a slide: tab to a chart object, and press enter or space to interact with the chart.
    • To stop interacting with a chart, press escape.
  • New language: Kyrgyz.
  • Added support for VitalSource Bookshelf.
  • Added support for the Optelec protocol converter, a device that allows one to use Braille Voyager and Satellite displays using the ALVA BC6 communication protocol.
  • It is now possible to use braille input with an ALVA 640 Comfort braille display.
    • NVDA's braille input functionality can be used with these as well as other BC6 displays with firmware 3.0.0 and above.
  • Early support for Google Sheets with Braille mode enabled.
  • Support for Eurobraille Esys, Esytime and Iris braille displays.


  • The HIMS Braille Sense/Braille EDGE/Smart Beetle and Hims Sync Braille display drivers have been replaced by one driver. The new driver will automatically be activated for former syncBraille driver users.
    • Some keys , notably scroll keys, have been reassigned to follow the conventions used by Hims products. Consult the user guide for more details.
  • When typing with the on-screen keyboard via touch interaction, by default you now need to double tap each key the same way you would activate any other control.
    • To use the existing "touch typing" mode where simply lifting your finger off the key is enough to activate it, Enable this option in the new Touch Interaction settings dialog found in the Preferences menu.
  • It is no longer necessary to explicitly tether braille to focus or review, as this will happen automatically by default.
    • Note that automatic tethering to review will only occur when using a review cursor or object navigation command. Scrolling will not activate this new behavior.

Bug Fixes

  • Browseable messages such as showing current formatting when pressing NVDA+f twice quickly no longer fails when NVDA is installed on a path with non-ASCII characters.
  • Focus is now once again restored correctly when returning to Spotify from another application.
  • In Windows 10 Fall Creaters Update, NVDA no longer fails to update when Controlled Folder Access is enabled from Windows Defender Security Center.
  • Detection of scroll keys on Hims Smart Beetle displays is no longer unreliable.
  • A slight performance improvement when rendering large amounts of content in Mozilla Firefox 58 and later.
  • In Microsoft Outlook, reading emails containing tables no longer causes errors.
  • Braille display gestures that emulate system keyboard key modifiers can now also be combined with other emulated system keyboard keys if one or more of the involved gestures are model specific.
  • In Mozilla Firefox, browse mode now works correctly in pop-ups created by extensions such as LastPass and bitwarden.
  • NVDA no longer sometimes freezes on every focus change if Firefox or Chrome have stopped responding such as due to a freeze or crash.
  • In twitter clients such as Chicken Nugget, NVDA will no longer ignore the last 20 characters of 280 character tweets when reading them.
  • NVDA now uses the correct language when announcing symbols when text is selected.
  • In recent versions of Office 365, it is again possible to navigate Excel charts using the arrow keys.
  • In speech and braille output, control states will now always be reported in the same order, regardless whether they are positive or negative.
  • In apps such as Windows 10 Mail, NVDA will no longer fail to announce deleted characters when pressing backspace.
  • All keys on the Hims Braille Sense Polaris displays are now working as expected.
    • NVDA no longer fails to start on Windows 7 complaining about an internal api-ms dll, when a particular version of the Visual Studio 2017 redistributables have been installed by another application.
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