Windows Mail

  • Author: Carlos Nazario
  • Vietnamese guide: Dang Manh Cuong

Windows Mail is a tools for sending / recieving e-mail, along with Windows Vista. This package has been configged to be compatibled with Windows 7 or higher.

To install:

Download the package, extract, then run the *CMD file according to the Operating system you're using:

  • windows 7: Enable_Windows-Mail_Win7.CMD
  • Windows 8 or higher: Enable_Windows-Mail_Win8-Win10.CMD

Waite afew second, and a dialog pops up to announce the installation has been completed. Now you can run Windows mail from Desktop or Start Menu. In case the *.CMD file not work as expected, press Application on that file, then choose Run as administrator to install Windows Mail.

Download Windows Mail

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