Virtual Recorder

Virtual Recorder

  • Author: Carlos Nazario
  • License: free


  • Record sound clip
  • Save while recording (similar to recorder or cassette recorder)
  • Support recording both sound card and microphone at a time
  • support record sound card only (similar to stereo mix, loopback etc)
  • support record at three types: Flac, MP3, Wave
  • There are portable, and installer version
  • Can be used via commands

Download links

How to use

after downloading, and installing, run Virtual Recorder.exe (for portable version), or run from its shortcut within your Desktop, make some useful settings, then press the Record button to start recording. It's possible to press the Hide Window button to make the program runs from system tray while recording. The recorded sound clips will be saved in the Recordings folder, parallel with the executable file of the program (portable version), or in My Documents folder (installer version)

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