UniKey - Vietnamese keyboard


UniKey is a popular Vietnamese keyboard for Vietnamese, especialy blind people. For more info, please visit UniKey homepage.

Short guide

First, please download, then choose and extract the version that match your operating sistem. You can extract to any folder you'd like. Example: C:\Program Files\UniKey. This package have the following files:

  • Huong Dan Su Dung.htm: This content (in Vietnamese)
  • unikey42RC3-140424-win32.zip: UniKey for Windows 7 32 bit
  • unikey42RC3-140424-win64.zip UniKey for Windows 7 64 bit
  • unikey42RC4-140823-win32.zip: UniKey for Windows 8 32 bit
  • unikey42RC4-140823-win64.zip: UniKey for Windows 8 64 Bit

After extracting, you can create a shortcut on Desktop for the "UniKeyNT.exe" file for using easily.

Download UniKey

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