OneKeyGhost is a free, portable tool for backing up and restoring operating system. Using this tool, you can:

  • Create images (ghost files) for current operating system.
  • Restore images file you created.
  • Restore images files in case you can not start Windows

The program is compatible to most of versions of Windows, interface is accessible to two common screen reader in Vietnam. Those are Jaws and NVDA. can be run within Windows PE (required file ghost32 or ghost64, depend on the version of Windows PE). This works similar to Norton Ghost. However, this runs on Windows, and accessible to screen reader, so this less dangerous than Norton Ghost in Hirens Boot. Compare to  Norton Ghost 2003 - a version runs on  Windows, and may be, it no longer developed, OneKeyGhost saves a lot of  resources because this no need to install, less file size,does not affect the computer which run it.

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