CLC MATA Talking Dictionary

CLC MATA Talking Dictionary is a free speech dictionary program, run on Windows, developed by Thien An shelter, support for 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows 7 or later. Program has the folowing main features:

  • Look up dictionary: the folowing dictionaries are currently support:
    • English - Vietnamese
    • Vietnamese - English
    • Japanese - Vietnamese
    • Vietnamese - Japanese
    • Vietnamese
    • French - Vietnamese
    • Vietnamese - French
    • German - Vietnamese
    • Vietnamese - German
    • Tam Nguyen
  • Display list of words in currently selected dictionary.
  • Display meanings of word.
  • Read meanings of word.
  • Access recently lookup words.
  • Speech currently lookup word.
  • Spell currently lookup word..
  • Lookup when focus in other program: Currently supported programs are: Notepad, Wordpad, Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel...
  • Specify input method for special characters in German, and French dictionary.

This program runs without screen - reader, there are hotkeys for most of its features. After downloading, extract, we have a folder named CLC_MATA_Talking_Dictionary_v1.6.0_build_0721. Run the setup.bat file in this folder to install. Open the Huong dan.pdf file in this folder for Vietnamese tutorial.
Download CLC_MATA_Talking_Dictionary_v1.6.0_build_0721

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