Robt. Schumann : The Story of the Boy Who Made Pictures in Music

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1. Robert Schumann was born at Zwickau, in Saxony, Germany, on June 8, 1810.

2. When Schumann was nine years old he heard the great pianist Ignaz Moscheles play and resolved to become a great pianist.

3. When Schumann was a youth he showed a gift for writing poetry.

4. Schumann's father was a successful book-seller.

5. All through his life Schumann was a great lover of the writings of the German author, Jean Paul (whose full name was Jean Paul Richter). Much of his music shows his high regard for that writer of fairy stories.

6. Schumann was twenty-one years old when he injured his hand and learned that therefore he could not hope to be a pianist. It was then that he made up his mind to be a composer.

7. Schumann had enough means to live in comfort. He was not poor, as were Mozart, Schubert, and some others.

8. Robert and Clara Schumann had eight children, and some of Schumann's best music was written to interest his children.

9. Schumann died July 29, 1856.