Pi to 1,000,000 places

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The file should fit uncompressed on a 1.44M floppy, is a million and a quarter digits of Pi. We are also working on one billion. The tail has also been checked against the 400 million digits we have already received from Mr. Kanada of Japan, and we also hope to check against the figures we expect from the Chudovsky Bros.

            The digits are arranged in groups of 1,000 in an array of five sets of ten digits per line in twenty lines to a screen with four blank lines between groups of 1,000 so search programs such as LIST can be used to scan in page mode keeping the groups of 1,000 screen centered.

            While we cannot guarantee accuracy, these figures have been compared on several occasions with others and are apparently in agreement. However, remember that there is a possibility of transmission and other errors.