Directions for Cookery, in its Various Branches

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Sơ lược sách

            Soups; including those of Fish

            Fish; various ways of dressing

            Shell Fish; Oysters, Lobsters, Crabs, Etc.

            Beef; including pickling and smoking it


            Mutton and Lamb

            Pork; including Bacon, Sausages, Etc.

            Venison; Hares, Rabbits, Etc.

            Poultry and Game

            Gravy and Sauces

            Store Fish Sauces; Catchups, Etc.

            Flavoured Vinegars;

            Mustards & Pepper

            Vegetables; including Indian Corn, Tomatas, Mushrooms, Etc.

            Eggs; usual ways of dressing, including Omelets


            Sweetmeats; including Preserves and Jellies

            Pastry and Puddings; also Pancakes, Dumplings, Custards, Etc., Syllabubs; also Ice Creams and Blanc-mange

            Cakes; including various sweet Cakes and Gingerbread

            Warm Cakes for Breakfast and Tea; also, Bread, Yeast, Butter, Cheese, Tea, Coffee, Etc.

            Domestic Liquors; including home-made Beer, Wines, Shrub, Cordials, Etc.

            Preparations for the Sick


            Miscellaneous Receipts

            Additional Receipts

            Animals used as Butchers' Meat