About DoudouLinux Vietnamese Project

from Sao Mai Center to Vietnamese Children


In 2014 Sao Mai Center, with Sao Mai Education Fund and Mantovan Association of Bolzano, Italy, outlined a new project to benefit Vietnamese children.

The project consists in the Vietnamese translation and localization of software for children to develop their cognitive, motor and social skills.

The product is called DoudouLinux, and is already available for download in more than 40 languages.

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DoudouLinux uses Live-CD technology, so the computer boots from DoudouLinux DVD or USB device and the system runs without interfering with the OS installed in the computer.

It is free software created for children aged 2+ to 12, with about 200 activities, some of them for parents/teachers too.

The Sao Mai Center, with financial support from the Mantovan Association of Bolzano, Italy, has translated DoudouLinux for the sighted Vietnamese children to use it and enjoy it.

DoudouLinux is based on Linux Debian, so it is free open-source software and anybody will be able to use it at no cost. DoudouLinux Vietnamese is available for download.

We also distributed this educational tool  to a number of Children Centers in HCM and in some other provinces, to be used with disabled children.

In addition to the software they also received a “handbook for parents and teachers” to use DoudouLinux with their special children.

One Center in Long Hai has started this computer experience in 2016 with children affected by different disabilities.

We set up this project because we strongly believe that the blind can actively participate and contribute to the community and the society.

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