New Feature in TalkBack 6.1

Below is the summary of new features and fixes in TalkBack 6.1, copied from the e-mail sent by Victor Tsaran, from the Talkback team:

  • New: “Languages” dialog -- allows users to select from of the installed TTS languages.
    • Available from the Global Context menu.
    • Keyboard shortcut: CTRL+ALT+L.
    • Assignable to a gesture from the Talkback Settings -> Gestures dialog.
    • To use: install the languages of interest first, Global Context Menu -> text-to-speech settings -> Google TTS -> Settings -> Install Voice Data.
    • Should also work with third-party TTS engines.
  • New: additional navigation settings for native app.
    • To use: swipe up and down to choose the setting, then left and right to navigate by that setting.
    • Controls -- navigates between buttons and edit fields.
    • links -- navigates between links, e.g. web links, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.
    • Headings -- navigates between section headings.
    • These navigation settings will only work if app developers provide correct information.
  • New: “Editing” controls are now assignable to a gesture in TalkBack Settings -> Gestures.
  • New (for Android O and later): Setting Selector -- allows users to change TalkBack settings on the fly.
    • Setting Selector requires Android O and a fingerprint sensor to work.
    • Setting Selector is “off” by default.
    • To turn on, go to TalkBack Settings > Selector > toggle the switch to “on”.
    • Once the Selector is “on”, swipe up and down on a fingerprint sensor to switch between pre-defined TalkBack settings, swipe up and down on the screen to change the value for the setting.
    • Current settings: speech rate, verbosity, navigation and audio-ducking (they can be toggled in the “Selector” settings screen of TalkBack Settings).
  • New (for Android O and later): “Speak Passwords” is now a TalkBack setting.
  • Fix: navigating with the TAB key should now correctly focus on the last element in the window and speak it.
  • Fix: TalkBack will not speak during the phone call unless the user touches the screen.
  • Fix: Pressing volume keys during continuous reading will not interrupt speech.
  • Fix: browsing in Chrome and web views should be smoother.
  • Fix: crashes on Lollipop and Marshmallow versions of Android have been fixed.

It may take several days for the new version to propagate through the Play Store, so please be patient while this process takes place!


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