Sao Mai Typing Tutor is now released!

Sao Mai Center for the Blind has just released the first version of Sao Mai Typing Tutor (SMTT) - an application to teach and practice typing skills. This is a software product running on Windows platform, developed with the main objective to help computer beginners explore, learn and improve typing skills. SMTT also serves as a useful tool for trainers in their training activities.

Main features:

A collection of exercises organized from basic to advanced levels, stored in separate folders for each supported languages: All lessons are very easy to customize with the Lesson Builder tool.

  • Explore mode: a safe environment for new learners to press and explore all the keys without causing any problems for their computer system.
  • Reading-aloud function: SMTT provides the reading-aloud function so that users can either see or listen to all information on the screen and type. It supports all Microsoft SAPI-compliant text-to-speech voices.
  • User Manager tool: Teachers can create their own group of students and keep track of the students' activities.
  • Easy-to-translate content: SMTT's user interface and exercises are easy to translate and customize for every language. Many new languages are planned to be supported in the coming releases.

SMTT is a fee-paying software and the price of a single user license is 14 USD. This income will help Sao Mai maintain and develop more features for future releases. Besides, it also helps Sao Mai provide free-of-charge support activities and services for the Vietnamese blind community.
If you are visually impaired individuals or organizations serving the blind in need of this application but having no budget to purchase the license, please fill in the contact form on our website or e-mail us at to obtain free usage licenses.

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