Vietnamese Speech Synthersizer for android OS

On 06/13/2014, Le Anh Tuan author launches a text to speech application named VNSpeak TTS – a Vietnamese synthesizer running on Android platform. Here is some information for this app

vnSpeak - new Vietnamese Text To Speech System

vnSpeak is new, state-of-the-art vietnamese speech synthesis system that provides lifelike, expressive reading sentences, paragraphs, speeches and even entire books.

VNSpeak uses artificial intelligence algorithms to learn from expressive amount of real human recordings in Vietnamese and produces synthesized speech that indistinguishable from the professional voiceover recording.

VNSpeak is proud to be the FIRST Vietnamese Text to Speech Engine that produces real human voices in Android.


  • Android API 14 and uppper (Android 4.0 ICE_CREAM_SANDWICH and later version

This app worked relatively well with Talkback – a screen reader application for blind people on the android platform.

After the information about this app be shared on the forum related to technology for the blind, Nguyen Manh Hung from Hai Phong has successfully installed and implemented audio to demonstrate how he use this app on his phone in Vietnamese interface. You can listen to the audio file above by downloading from here and here.

This is a product that the majority of Vietnamese blind users expect for many  years. Nearly a week after the product launch, the blind user community has pretty much feedback on the pros and cons of this ap. For me personally, as well as an Android user, I think this app brings many opportunities for learning and entertainment forVietnamese blindpeople. Now, just a phone, ipad or tablet, blind people can read the news, use social network, such as Facebook or any site writing Vietnamese anywhere, anytime, as long as the device can connect to the internet.

Besides the advantages mentioned above, the application also has some limitations when working with Talkback, such as works slowly with the low machine configuration, no way to switch between the synthersizers in Talkback, so this recommended for people who wants to use Android devices in Vietnamese interface. We hope that the above restrictions will be improved in the new version of the VNSpeak TTS, as well as Talkback.

Thanks Mister Hung for sharing the audio matireal to Sao Mai center.

Dang Manh Cuong


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