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  • Sao Mai Typing Tutor (SMTT) is an application developed by Sao Mai Center for the Blind. The main objective of this application is to help all computer beginners explore, learn and improve typing skills. In addition, we hope this will also bring one more useful tool for trainers to support their training


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  • Mr.</body></html>

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  • Sao Mai Typing Tutor (SMTT) application is used for computer beginning learners to explore and improve typing related skills and as a powerful tool for trainers to manage their keyboard training activities.

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  • Summary of new features and fixes in TalkBack 6.1, copied from the e-mail sent by Victor Tsaran, from the Talkback team

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  • News about technology for the blind, the article section introduces new features in NVDA 2017.4; continue part 3 of Settings for safe and optimal Windows; Backup and restore system using Terabyte. The tips section shows how to install webvisum for new version of Mozilla Firefox. The app introduce section are applications on Windows.

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  • Recently, I found a lot of blind people ask on technology forums about how to install Web visum add-on for Mozilla Fi

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  • Faster, smoother

    Label drives for finding and accessing easily

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  • CLC MATA Talking Dictionary is a free speech dictionary program, run on Windows, developed by Thien An shelter, support for 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows 7 or later.

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  • if you feel bored with the ghost tools you know, then you could give a try with TeraByte.

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  • Highlights of this release include many fixes and enhancements to web support including browse mode for web dialogs by default, better reporting of field group labels in browse mode, support for new Windows 10 technologies such as Windows Defender Application Guard and Windows 10 on ARM64, and automatic reporting of screen orientation and battery status.

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  • News about technology for the blind; article section continue introducing the settings to make Windows run safely, and fit blind's need, new features in Jaws 2018; tips section is a solution to solve problem when typing Vietnamese using UniKey; tips sections, we're introduce apps on Windows and Android devices.

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  • Dear reader!

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  • Always update the latest programs

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  • All Jaws 2018's new features

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  • Vietnamese' input method

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  • News about technology for the blind, the article section introduces the last article about solutions to solve problems where you cannot open an app on Windows 10, settings to make Windows run safely, and fit blind's needs, Jaws 18.0 enhancement. The tips section introduces the OCR feature on Windows 10, and the way to solve problem where you cannot log in to Facebook Messenger on Android devices. Besides, we introduce some accessible programs on Windows.

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  • When install new Windows, or restore from a ghost image that not created by yourself, we usually don't have an OS as what we want, so we need to do some settings to make Windows run safely and smoothly, especially fits blind's needs.

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  • In the 2017.3 update, NVDA has supported for Windows 10 OCR.

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  • In recently updates version of Facebook Messenger, I usually asked to log in again with my current Facebook account.

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  • The last two solution to fix the error where Windows 10 apps can't open

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  • Recently, Freedom Scientific (FS) has released two versions of Jaws 18.0, and here is the copy of the enhancements

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  • News about technology for the blind, such as the release of NVDA 2017.3, Jaws 2018 Public beta, backing up and restoring system using Rollback 10.7, solution to fix apps can’t open in Windows 10. The tips section shares an experience about switching to the Basic HTML view in Gmail. This issue we introduce a new section called App introduces, which share useful program or application

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  • The common way for this task is activate the switch to basic html view button after logging in to your Gmail account,

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  • Solution 7 – Reinstall the problematic app

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  • In this issue, we will continue with the rest of the topic for the Rollback 10.7

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