Essentials in Conducting

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Chapter I—Introduction

Chapter II—Personal Traits Necessary in Conducting

Chapter III—The Technique of the Baton

Chapter IV—Interpretation in Conducting—Introductory

Chapter V—Interpretation in Conducting—Tempo

Chapter VI—Interpretation in Conducting—Dynamics

Chapter VII—Interpretation in Conducting—Timbre, Phrasing, etc.

Chapter VIII—The Supervisor of Music as Conductor

Chapter IX—The Community Chorus Conductor

Chapter X—The Orchestral Conductor

Chapter XI—Directing the Church Choir10

Chapter XII—The Boy Choir and its Problems

Chapter XIII—The Conductor as Voice Trainer

Chapter XIV—The Art of Program Making

Chapter XV—Conductor and Accompanist

Chapter XVI—Efficiency in the Rehearsal

Appendix A—Reference List

Appendix B—Score of second movement of Haydn's Symphony, No. 


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