Great Singers on the Art of Singing

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Great Singers on the Art of Singing

Tác giả: James Francis Cooke
Chủ đề: Ngoại ngữ
Thể loại: Tham khảo - Nghiên Cứu
Định dạng: Braille All Contractions, Daisy Text, Epub

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Năm xuất bản 2010
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The Technic of Operatic Production

What the American Girl Should Know About an Operatic Career  

Modern Vocal Methods in Italy

The Main Elements of Interpretation

Success in Concert Singing

The Value of Self-Study in Voice Training

Italy, the Home of Song

Modern Roads To Vocal Success

Self-Help in Voice Study

If My Daughter Should Study for Grand Opera

How a Great Master Coached Opera Singers

The Open Door To Opera

What Must I Go Through to Become a Prima Donna?

The Master Songs of Robert Schumann

Teaching Yourself to Sing

The Know How in the Art of Singing

Building a Vocal Repertoire

Opportunities for Young Concert Singers

Thoroughness in Vocal Preparation

Common Sense in Training and Preserving the Voice

Secrets of Bel Canto

How Fortunes Are Wasted in Vocal Education

Keeping the Voice in Prime Condition

Italian Opera in America

The Singer's Larger Musical Public

Singing in Concert and What It Means

New Aspects of the Art of Singing in America

How I Regained a Lost Voice