Music: An Art and a Language

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I.Preliminary Considerations

II.The Folk-Song

III.Polyphonic Music; Sebastian Bach, the Fugue

IV.The Musical Sentence

V.The Two-Part and Three-Part Forms

VI.The Classical and the Modern Suite

VII.The Rondo Form

VIII.The Variation Form

IX.The Sonata-Form and Its Founders—Emmanuel Bach and Haydn

X.Mozart. The Perfection of Classic Structure and Style

XI.Beethoven, the Tone-Poet

XII.The Romantic Composers. Schubert, Weber

XIII.Schumann and Mendelssohn

XIV.Chopin and Pianoforte Style

XV.Berlioz and Liszt. Program Music


XVII.César Franck

XVIII.The Modern French School—d'Indy and Debussy

XIX.National Schools—Russian, Bohemian and Scandinavian

XX.The Varied Tendencies of Modern Music


List of Compositions

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