120 Bài Luận Tiếng Anh (MS-356)

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Topic 1. Myself

Topic 2. My childhood

Topic 3. My favourite teacher

Topic 4. How I spent my holidays

Topic 5. My family

Topic 6. My best friend

Topic 7. The happiest day in my life

Topic 8. My favourite sports

Topic 9. What kind of entertainment do you like best. Why?

Topic 10. I like or dislike the rainy season. Why?

Topic 11. Which season of the year do you like best? Why?

Topic 12. What do you usually do in the evening?

Topic 13. I like to go shopping at a supermarket, why?

Topic 14. Tell about your indoor hobby and why you enjoy it?

Topic 15. The subject I enjoy learning

Topic 16. My favourite game

Topic 17. The person I like most

Topic 18. My grandparents

Topic 19. Your favourite hobby

Topic 20. Your most frightening experience

Topic 21. Your most embarrassing experience

Topic 22. My ambition

Topic 23. Describe new year celebrations in your country

Topic 24. Describe the house you are living in. Why do you love it?

Topic 25. Describe any village you know well

Topic 26. Describe a journey by car, train, ship ect., which was particularly memorable for some reason, either good or bad

Topic 27. Describe a sea-side resort in summer

Topic 28. Describe your school

Topic 29. Describe the flag raising ceremony at your school

Topic 30. Describe the awakening of a big city or of a village

Topic 31. Describe a city

Topic 32. Teachers’ day

Topic 33. Mother’s day

Topic 34. A memorable christmas

Topic 35. Sports day

Topic 36. Lunar new year

Topic 37. The most important holiday in our country

Topic 38. Lantern festival

Topic 39. A foreign tourist likes to visit some places of interest in Vietnam, what information should you give him (or her)?

Topic 40. Why do you love your country?

Topic 41. You tell a foreigner about Vietnam, your beloved homeland

Topic 42. Hue, the country’s intellectual center

Topic 43. Nha Trang, the famous resort city of Vietnam

Topic 44. Da Lat, the honeymoon capital of the country

Topic 45. Ho chi minh city in the future

Topic 46. Is necessary to learn English?

Topic 47. The difficulties in learning English and how to overcome them?

Topic 48. The reason for your study of English and the ways you’ve been learning it

Topic 49. English is a popular all over the world, especially to students, tourists and businessmen. Give your opinion.

Topic 50. Nowadays, everybody is very fond of learning a foreign language. However, successful men are seldom. In your opinion, what is the basic factor?

Topic 51. Is English the international language? Explain it.

Topic 52. Discuss about the importance of the study of the national language.

Topic 53. Life in the city, compared with life in the country.

Topic 54. The reason why the young people prefer to live in town

Topic 55. The advance of living in the country and the disadvantages of living in the city

Topic 56. Which part of your country would you prefer to live in?

Topic 57. The pleasures of living in a village

Topic 58. Living in a city

Topic 59. Country life

Topic 60. What means of traveling you choose when you go to travel?

Topic 61. Is traveling an educative experience?

Topic 62. What means of transportation do you like best?

Topic 63. What are the advantages and disadvantages of air travel?

Topic 64. The foreign country you would most like to visit and why?

Topic 65. The advantages and disadvantages of television

Topic 66. The usefulness of television

Topic 67. Does the crime relate to the violent programs on TV?

Topic 68. Discuss about the uses and abuses of television

Topic 69. What are the effect of smoking?

Topic 70. The important role of newspapers and magazines in our lives

Topic 71. What are the advantages of newspaper reading?

Topic 72. Some people claim reading novel is a waste of time than reading nonfictional works? Do you agree?

Topic 73. In your opinion, which job is the most interesting? Why?

Topic 74. What career do you plan to pursue when you are an adult? Give the reasons why you have selected this profession.

Topic 75. In your opinion, what are the advantages and disadvantages of being a member of a large family?

Topic 76. “I would much rather be an only child than have six brothers and sisters”. Do you agree this sentence?

Topic 77. Comment on this statement of guyau: “after our parents, it is to our teacher that we owe the most”

Topic 78. Explain this saying and comment on it: “work helps us escape from three evils: boredom, vice and property”

Topic 79. The advantages and disadvantages of money

Topic 80. “money is the root of all evil discuss.

Topic 81. Is the only thing people are interested in today earning more money? Discuss

Topic 82. All forms of gambling should be abolished. Discuss

Topic 83. How is the value of health? How can we keep our health?

Topic 84. Which do you think is more valuable health or wealth? Give you your reason

Topic 85. “equal pay for equal work”. Discuss this proverb

Topic 86. “men always make better managers than women”. What is your opinion?

Topic 87. In all walks of life, women are nowadays becoming more and more the colleagues or the rivals of men on equal terms. Give your opinion on the subject

Topic 88. Women should be paid the same wages as men?

Topic 89. Man to lead woman to follow that do you think?

Topic 90. Unemployment, especially among young people, is a serious problem in many countries today, what can be done about it? What do you think about job creation projects currently run in Vietnam?

Topic 91. What responsibility do societies have for the poor?

Topic 92. “advertisements are boring, useless and often misleading” how far do you agree with this option?

Topic 93. The evils of drug addiction

Topic 94. The advantages and disadvantages of being famous

Topic 95. The telephone

Topic 96. “a friend in need is a friend indeed. Discuss

Topic 97. Comment on: “failure is the mother of success”

Topic 98. Comment on: “united we stand, divided we fall” union (unity) is strength.

Topic 99. Comment on: “when we are near the ink, we get soiled; when we are near the light, we get illuminated” (or: “a man is known by the company he keeps”)

Topic 100. Explain the saying: “if you eat the fruit, you have to think about the one who grows the trees”.

Topic 101. Write an essay on: “there is no place like home”

Topic 102. Anatole France said: “family is a very good school”, explain this sentence and comment on it.

Topic 103. “prevention is better than cure”. Discuss

Topic 104. Is taxation necessary in a country? Discuss

Topic 105. What science has done to make our lives easier and more comfortable?

Topic 106. “necessity is the mother of invention.” Discuss this proverb

Topic 107. What is the green house effect? Give your opinion

Topic 108. The traffic problems in our city and how to solve them?

Topic 109. Pollution! How to reduce it?

Topic 110. In your opinion, how do the pollution problems effect today? Discuss some reasons for its existence. Give some solutions to overcome

Topic 111. Computers have become increasingly important and popular in VN now. Could you describe some useful ways in which computers have so far contributed to our modern life?

Topic 112. Do you think that football is the most popular sport in England?

Topic 113. Do you think that our life is better than it was for our forefathers?

Topic 114. Are scientific inventions making us happier? Discuss its value.

Topic 115. It generally appear that a high standard of living is closely correlated with a high degree of industrialization. Discuss this statement in relation to anyone country and its economic problems.

Topic 116. Discuss about how to avoid waste of energy

Topic 117. In your opinion, should there be school for pupils during weekends as well?

Topic 118. Should teachers give pupils too much homework? Discuss.

Topic 119. The use and abuse of private tuition

Topic 120. What do you think of the value of education? Discuss it

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