The Myrtle Reed Cook Book

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The Philosophy of Breakfast

 How to Set the Table

 The Kitchen Rubaiyat



 Salt Fish

 Breakfast Meats

 Substitutes for Meat



 Quick Breads

 Raised Breakfast Breads


 Coffee Cakes, Doughnuts, and Waffles

 Breakfast Beverages

 Simple Salads

 One Hundred Sandwich Fillings

 Luncheon Beverages

 Eating and Dining

 Thirty-five Canapés

 One Hundred Simple Soups

 Fifty Ways to Cook Shell-Fish

 Sixty Ways to Cook Fish

 One Hundred and Fifty Ways to Cook Meat and Poultry

 Twenty Ways to Cook Potatoes

 One Hundred and Fifty Ways to Cook Other Vegetables

 Thirty Simple Sauces

 One Hundred and Fifty Salads

 Simple Desserts


 The Myrtle Reed Cook Book

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