Critical Miscellanies, Vol. 3

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Peculiar office of the Teacher

Mill's influence in the universities and the press

His union of science with aspiration

And of courage with patience

His abstinence from society

Sense of the tendency of society to relapse

Peculiar trait of his authority

The writer's last day with him


The spirit of search

Key to Mill's type of character and its value

Sensibility of his intellect

Yet no reaction against his peculiar education

Quality of the Autobiography

One of its lessons—μἑμνησο ἁπιστειν

Mill's aversion to the spirit of sect

Not a hindrance to systematisation

Criticism united with belief

Practical difficulties in the union of loyalty with tolerance

Impressiveness of Mill's self-effacement

His contempt for socialistic declamation

Yet the social aim paramount in him

Illustrated in his attack on Hamilton

And in the Logic

The book on the Subjection of Women

The two crises of life

Mill did not escape the second of them

Influence of Wordsworth

Hope from reformed institutions

This hope replaced by efforts in a deeper vein

Popular opinion of such efforts

Irrational disparagement of Mill's hope

Mill's conception of happiness contrasted with his father's

Remarks on his withdrawal from society

It arose from no moral valetudinarianism

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